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"The book is here to stay. What we're doing is symbolic of the peaceful coexistence of the book and the computer."

—Vartan Gregorian President, NY Public Library

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Welcome to the Allegan County Library Association's official website! From here you can find information on all the libraries in Allegan County; their sites, hours, locations, and major events (listed on the calendar). Check us out and find out more about your libraries!

Allegan county road in fall


The goal of the Allegan County Library Association is to bring together the diverse libraries of Allegan County to discuss library trends, share information about successes and challenges, and improve our libraries.  We strive to include all libraries and work to provide educational opportunities to our directors and all other meeting attendees.  


Meetings are held at different libraries three times a year (April, August, and October) on the third Thursday of the month beginning at 9:30am followed by lunch at a local restaurant.  

Beginning in 2015 we will also hold a meeting on the third Thursday of January if the weather allows. 

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